defected ibiza 2019- 3CD


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CD1 - Simon Dunmore


1.         Qubiko ‘U R’ (Extended Mix)

Terrence Parker featuring Merachka ‘Open Up Your Spirit’ (TP’s Deeep Detroit Heat Accapella)

2.         Ferreck Dawn ‘You Are The One’ (Extended Mix)

3.         Emilie Nana & Simbad       ‘Wild Sensations’ (Crowdpleaser Hothaus Remix)

4.         Lesny Deep ‘Better Dayz’

FCL ‘It’s You’ (San Soda’s Panorama Bar Acca Version)

5.         Mike Dunn ‘If I Can’t Get Down’  

6.         Kelly G. ‘Feels Good (Yeah!)’ (Kelly G. Little Louie Party Mix)

7.         Folamour ‘These Are Just Places To Me Now’

8.         Yuksek ‘I Don’t Have A Drum Machine’

9.         Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic & Nikki Ambers ‘In My Arms’ (Extended Vocal Mix)

10.       Oliver Dollar ‘Jam Hot’

Sandy Rivera featuring LT Brown ‘Come Into My Room’ (Take It Back Accapella)

11.       Auréi ‘Life’

12.       Todd Edwards & Sinden ‘Deeper’ (Extended Mix)

13.       Ejeca ‘Firework’

Josh Butler featuring HanLei ‘Feels Good’ (Accapella)

14.       Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver ‘Play The Game’ (Space Children Love Mix) 

15.       Soul Reductions ‘Got 2 Be Loved’ (Extended Mix)

16.       Dario D’Attis featuring Jinadu ‘Space & Time’ (Instrumental)

Chrissy featuring Miles Bonny ‘Back In Time’ (Accapella)

17.       Sticks & Stonez & Liv East ‘You're My’ (Larse Extended Remix)


CD2 - Simon Dunmore


1.         Saison featuring Leon Lincoln ‘The Last Time’ (Qubiko Extended Remix)

2.         Mark Broom ‘Break 97’

3.         Mat.Joe & Kid Enigma ‘Get Loose’ (Extended Mix)

4.         Oliver Dollar featuring Nils Ohrmann ‘John's Church’

5.         CPEN featuring Bluey Robinson ‘I'm Searching’ (Kerri's 6:23 Again Vocal Mix)

6.         MD X-Spress ‘God Made Me Phunky’ (The Vision Remix)

7.         Maydie Myles ‘You Got Me Forever’ (KLP Jam)

8.         Shawn Christopher ‘You Can Make It’ (Alaia & Gallo Extended Remix)

9.         OFFAIAH featuring Cat Connors ‘Somewhere Special’ (Club Mix)

10.       Marie Davidson ‘Work It’ 

11.       Jansons featuring Dope Earth Alien ‘Switch’ (Original Mix)

12.       AmFlow featuring Koffee ‘Raw Uncut’ (Louie Vega Remix)

13.       Alaia & Gallo featuring Dames Brown ‘Trippin’’ (Extended Mix)

14.       Kormak ‘My Love For You’ (Extended Mix)

15.       Jade Cox ‘Want You All’

16.       DJ Dove & DJ Queen B ‘Beggin’’ (Extended Mix)

17.       Julien Jabre ‘Swimming Places’ (Purple Disco Machine Re-Work)

            Shawn Christopher ‘You Can Make It’ (Preacher-Pella)



CD3 - Sam Divine


1.         Melba Moore ‘My Heart Belongs To You’ (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix)

Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress ‘Deep Down (The Underground)’ (Accapella)

2.         Alex Preston ‘Treat Me Right’ (Original Mix)

3.         Bobby D’Ambrosio featuring Michelle Weeks ‘The Day’ (Alaia & Gallo Remix)

4.         Mhod ‘Don't Mind’

5.         Son Of Raw ‘A Black Man In Space’ (Sax Mix)

6.         DS ‘Hey Mister’ (DS Rework)

Kormak ‘Love On The Line’ (Accapella)

7.         Oliver Dollar featuring Daniel Steinberg ‘Testified’

8.         Qubiko ‘Rumore’ (Extended Mix)

9.         Nautica (UK) ‘Love Question’ (Original Mix)

10.       Sam Divine & Kormak ‘Feelings’ (Original Mix)

11.       Bohemien & Raf Parola ‘Midnight Flavor’

John 'Julius' Knight & Roland Clark ‘The Underground’ (Accapella)

12.       Malandra Jr. ‘Take Off Your Shoes’ (NiCe7 Remix)

13.       Mattei & Omich featuring Keyo ‘I’ll House U’ (Extended Mix)

14.       Bohemien & Raf Parola ‘Comes Around’

15.       Ferrer & Karizma Ltd ‘The Cube’

Cuebur featuring Vikter Duplaix ‘I See You’ (Accapella)

16.       Leon (Italy) & Dennis Cruz ‘My Hood’

17.       YAX.X & Delivio Reavon ‘Falling’ (Original Mix)

Spencer K & Matt Sassari ‘Isuly’ (Emanuel Satie Accapella)

18.       JT Donaldson featuring Liv.e ‘Stay Inside’ (Extended Remix)

Mr. V ‘Jus’ Dance’ (Accapella)


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defected ibiza 2019- 3CD

defected ibiza 2019- 3CD

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